How to create God-centered sex

godly sex intentionality marriage Feb 17, 2022
Love is patient. Love is kind.

This question comes up a lot "how is God-centered sex different?". 

Which is why we did a complete episode covering this topic on the podcast! 

It was everything I hoped it would be and more. 

We talked about what makes it different but I wanted to help you out more than that. So definitely go take a listen for some context first!

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But... okay great... so my faith goes hand in hand with my sex life... but how do I do that?

No one is taught how to connect their faith and sex so if you feel like you don't know where to start you are not alone. 

Let me help you with a few quick easy tips to get you started!

  • Pray over your sex life.

Of course that is what I would say first right! That is the Christian answer 😆

But for real. For real for real. Try praying over it. It doesn't have to be anything crazy either! 

Pray that you and your partner would have pleasure. Pray that God would bless your sexuality. Pray that He would show you what sex should look like for you.

If you feel uncomfortable and don't know what to say try praying this word for word:

"God, thank you for sex. Thank you for the ability to be intimate, to show your love, and to worship you. You are God the creator and the God who sees me. I ask that you would bless sex to be fulfilling to both my partner and I. Increase our connection to each other and to you as we learn to be more sexually whole. Amen"

  • Spend time learning about God's view of sexuality

A great place to start is to read song of songs in scripture. 

It is my FAVORITE book of the bible. You see who God is, you see who you are, and you get an amazing and beautiful picture of sexuality. 

After reading it, if you need a little bit of help understanding a great place to start is here with the Bible Projects video on Song of Songs. It is so so beautifully done! You definitely want to go watch. 

  • Journal about your sex life

Often times we go throughout life without actually thinking about it.

Have you taken time to listen to yourself and what you think about sexuality and spirituality? 

You can't connect something that you haven't worked through in yourself. 

This doesn't mean you are committing to journaling every day for the rest of your life!

Sometimes we get so worked up into this idea to to be a journaler is a commitment. 

All I'm saying is: write down your thoughts and feelings even just once so that you can take steps forward. 


You've got this! It doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary. Just take small steps forward to unite all the different parts of you.

With serious belief in you,





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