Top 5 Starter Books About Sex For Christian Women

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No one talks about sex. No one really teaches about sex. But thank goodness people write about sex!

So much of what I teach on the Passion Connected Podcast (the Christian sex education podcast) comes from both my experience and what I learn from teachers, leaders, pastors, and psychologists. 

I never want you learning from just me or just one person. Your sex life is too important for me to be the only voice. 

Which is why I want to share some of my favorite books with you about sex, and a little bit of why each book is so important. 

*Please note that I do not prescribe or necessarily agree with everything in these books. Anything & everything you learn should always be done with critical and discerning wisdom (my stuff included!).

#1 A Celebration of Sex

A Celebration of Sex. This book gets to the heart of what creates amazing sex (relationship). And it addresses a ton of major common issues. Including surviving sexual abuse, affairs, addiction, physical difficulties, building desire, and more. Rosenau has such sweet heart (from the seminars that I have attended) and years of counseling wisdom to grant to the topic of sex. 

#2 Anatomy You Didn't Know 

To have amazing sex you really need to know what you are working with. Emily Nagoski does an amazing job in Come As You Are. I've spent years learning about sexual anatomy and there were still quite a few new things I learned that impacted my sex life. This doesn't necessarily come from a Christian perspective, and in some areas contradicts some biblical principals, but it does an AMAZING job showing the beauty that is sex in an unashamed person. 

#3 The Praying Couple

The Power of a Praying Wife and its twin The Power of a Praying Husband  can be marriage changing. I was given these books when I got engaged. I had absolutely no clue how much I would need them. There is a specific chapter on praying for your spouse's sex life. Seriously powerful stuff. Prayer can be the glue to a marriage and a married sex life if you let it. 

#4 The Gift of Sex

The Gift of Sex by the Penners Give does an amazing job of going over the actual experience of sex. They cover some of my favorite things, from initiating sex to cleaning up! This book is a great starter book for those who have very little experience.

#5 Intended for Pleasure

Intended for Pleasure by the Wheat couple is perfect for coverage of the basics and an overview of possible problems. It is a go-to for quick answers and sex education that isn't overwhelming. This was the book that I brought with me on my honeymoon. If you ever get a chance to see one of the Wheat's seminars in person it is a really educational experience!

If you feel daunted by reading, or feel like you don't have time, try audiobooks! This year alone I'm on my 65th book, not including my textbooks, and I have never had such personal growth. 

Audible has even changed its subscription trial! They upped it from not one, but two free books.

You get 2 free books to keep with a free trial (even if you cancel)!

Time to make some life changes ⬇️


 With serious belief in you,

Amanda Ammons

Sex Education Coach & Host of the Passion Connected Podcast

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