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Everything you need for sex and intimacy

  • Personalized romantic items
  • The fun stuff like lingerie and lube!
  • The items to make your time comfortable & pain-free.
  • Prepare for possible problems

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You bet! I’ve been told I should charge for this. But nope! I’m on your side girl, so yes it is free!

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Powerful 20 Minute Video!

Get the WHY behind each item! I take the time to pack it with you so you are completely prepared.

More Than Just Lingerie!

Prepare for trying out positions. Fight newlywed cystitis. Get yourself ready emotionally! There is a lot more to the honeymoon than a vacation.

Printable List! (Specific to you)

I’ve got you covered with everything you need, but you will need to pack with yourself in mind. I’ll walk you through individual romantic items and comfort items. Make your honeymoon: YOURS. 

You don't have to figure this sex thing out alone. My goal in life is for your sex to be amazing and easy!

-your honeymoon hero 

Amanda Ammons