Your sex life deserves better than Google!


Learn everything you need to know for REAL intimacy safely, confidently, and shamelessly.

You are here to make sure sex is the mindblowing, romantic, connecting experience it was meant to be & that is what you will get! No google search necessary.

Your sex life deserves better than Google! 

Learn everything you need for real, confident, shameless intimacy.

Lifetime Video Access

Over 20+ Powerful videos. Research-based with a counseling background. These modules are game-changing and you can keep coming back! [Bonus: new content is always being added]

Workbook Included

Know without a doubt that you are designing the sex of your dreams. With affirmations, couple's question, and an intimacy planning section. 


During the course open dates, Amanda will be directly available to answer personal questions and coach on specific topics.

In-depth Modules

1: Get started

From the beginning, you have to know what you want and why you want it! Overcome fear and shame with me so we can release the best version of yourself.

2: Mindset work

Find clarity in your own boundaries on sex. Figure out what you are okay with and where you stand emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your mind is your biggest sex organ!

3: Body time!

Learn your body parts and learn his! Know what things are called and how they function. You can't have great sex without knowing what you are working with.

4: Get going

Time to get into the fun stuff! Understand how arousal happens. Learn about pleasing and being pleased. Prepare yourself with birth control, lube, and more. 

5: Coming together

This is the good stuff! How to have sex from start to finish. Positions, pleasuring, orgasms, and clean up.

6: The questions

Is oral okay? Am I normal? What do I do if...?

Your Sex Life Is Worth It


How much would you spend to be prepared for sexual success? 

How much would you spend to find spiritual, mental, and emotional clarity in order to have mind blowing intimacy?

This courses promise is: you will be prepared to please, be pleased, overcome problems, and shamelessly love sex.

That is worth it! You are worth it!

Passionate Beginnings


3 Month Payment Plan

  • Access for life!
  • 6 Video Filled Modules
  • Action taking plans
  • Diagrams for each module
  • Direct access for personal coaching
  • Bonus problem solving class
  • Access to any future content


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Passionate Beginnings


One-time Payment (20% OFF!)

  • Access for life!
  • Video Filled Modules
  • Action taking plans
  • Diagrams for each module
  • Direct access for personal coaching
  • Bonus problem solving class
  • Access to any future content
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Your money is Guaranteed 

If there is even the slightest chance you feel you should enroll, take action today! You have nothing to lose. 

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365 days. Full refund available.

I guarantee results, but if you don't find what you are looking for email: [email protected]

Email me that you went through the modules and show your action-taking work in the workbook. If you took action and didn't find what you were looking for, I've got you covered.

Don't leave yourself behind...

The world doesn't prepare women to be action takers. It doesn't get them ready for sex. I'm changing that game! 

There are things you need to know that most people don't talk about.

No one talks about cystitis, erectile dysfunctions, or vaginismus.

No one talks about oral sex, the need for lube, or changing sex positions.

I am.

I believe with my entire soul that sex can be amazing, but you have to know what you are doing & what you want!

Let me help you. Don't leave sex to chance. It may go okay... but you want it to be AMAZING!


Passionate Beginnings

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Passionate Beginnings

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