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For those who are ready to start or restart an intimate sex life!

Passionate Beginnings

The comprehensive, go at your own pace course, for every stage in life. Sex education that is shame-free and made for intimacy. 

  • Overcome fear and shame
  • Design the sex of your dreams
  • Get rid of pain
  • Understand how to please and be pleased
  • Integrate your Christian faith
  • Learn sex basics that weren't taught in sex ed class
  • Learn sex tips to spice up the bedroom
  • & MORE!


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Personal Coaching

Private coaching session where we will tackle your biggest concerns and make an action-taking game plan! 

Common topics include:


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Free Resources

Design Sex for Yourself

Don't just let the world tell you what sex should be like. Discover what kind of sex you were made for!

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Pack for Honeymoon Sex

You need more than just some lingerie. Lets pack together & prepare you for an amazing time!

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